Ranking of Algerian professors and researchers according to the number of citations of their scientific production based on Google Scholar data.
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First and last names or Nickname Number of citations
سارة فاطمي 117


The aim of this ranking is to highlight the importance of scientific production and publishing by measuring its importance based on the number of citations by peers of professors, researchers or others, these citation that Google Scholar calculates automatically through computer programs.

  1. Participation in the ranking is available for everyone who owns an account on the website and wishes to do so by updating the account profile by including the link for his google scholar’s ​​page with changing the account's e-mail address to the professional address (this will require reactivating the account).
  2. The account email must be identical to the same email used to verify the Google scholar page, and it must be affiliated to one of the Algerian higher education or scientific research structures (DZ).
  3. The sorting algorithm depends on sorting and discovering the number of citations on the scholar's page. If suspicious pages or practices are detected, they will be excluded from the ranking.
  4. Personal information such as e-mail and the link to the scholar's page are not displayed and remains confidential. As for the name, the account owner has complete personal freedom to write the real name or use a nickname instead of it.
  5. The ranking is updated daily.